It’s all in your head… it’s all in your head… it’s all in your head…

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all we’ve worked so hard to be

love is a masterpiece

written by an avid fan

an apostle’s appraisal

of the work of a master hand

so come on home darling

‘cause I think you ought to know

where it’s all heading

where we’ve got to go

‘cause we’ve worked it all out

limousine is waiting

pack your bags and make your face and go

limousine pic

and you know

that now it’s our scene

all we’ve worked so hard to be

I’ll be spending much more time at the playhouse

I love the show

we trade our guns in for shoes

make sure they’re well worn

trade all our money

for apples turned orange

the world is our oyster

its bawdy intents

so pop in your Kenmore

let agitate and rinse

and pieces fall out

but pieces fall in

keep pieces in palm

let crust not come sin

the light that we hold here

is a foolish delight

it leaves lovers abandoned

if not ready for flight

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