Ok, another week has come and I’m a blogger now… wow. I need to wrap my head around that. And I really want to contribute regularly. How do I define regularly? At least once a week. Wait, let me think about that for a second… do I really have THAT much to say to people that I want to contribute AT LEAST once a week? Ok, better make that AT MOST, once a week. Yeah, that way, I’m not setting myself up for failure, something I can be quite good at.

Right, so I need another column… right… to tell you the truth, that first column was pretty good… My editor said that I’ve attracted new people to the site and now… well…

OH! someone just requested to be my friend on that social networking application that everyone uses. I should definitely attend to that because I’m feeling a little isolated and I could always use another friend. There.

Ok, another column… Wow, he’s got quite a few pictures up. “The once of a wiz…?” I wonder what that is? How cute! he’s taken pictures of his family dressed up as Wizard of Oz characters! His daughter’s sooo cute as Dorothy. One thing I love about TWOZ is if you play Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, the music and Image synch up. That’s such a trip. I haven’t done that in awhile. Maybe I’ll send a group message to have a “Dark Side of Oz” party at my place. That will certainly help me remember that I have friends. We can come up with new movies that sync up with other albums. Maybe I can start a blog about that? Anyway, maybe I can get started on this blog first and then move on. Ok, so what do I want to convey in this blog?

Man, could I use something to eat. I feel like I’m about to implode! What have we got? Cereal… some noodles… wow, I am a terrible shopper. That’s what I need to do! I need to check out some vegetarian recipes online and start cooking some great dishes. Maybe I can gather up my favourite recipes and I could blog about them! People are always looking for new and different ways to prepare food. But I’d have to try new recipes everyday and I don’t have that kind of time. Ok, just heat up some noodles and get back to work.

Man, I wish I was paid for this. You know, volunteering my time is such a stupid thing; I have a degree, I’m going to have my masters, shouldn’t I be paid to talk about stuff? That would certainly help motivate me, I wouldn’t feel like I was forced to write something, it would be my job so I’d be choosing to do it. As of now I feel so manipulated… No, that’s not true, I want to write, I enjoy it. I just like to write on my own schedule. And now everyone’s going to say “it was okay, but not as good as your first column.” I hate that kind of pressure, it’s so unfair; It’s not like YOU’RE writing anything for me to read. And this rain is ridiculous! When I moved to Vancouver, I knew it was a rainy city but for 5 days straight. I mean come on!

Okay, okay, I’m really getting carried away. This is supposed to be fun for me and I’m turning it into some kind of world-changing ideal. There’s a term for that, right? Aggrandizing? I’m totally aggrandizing this situation. What I need to do is eat my noodles, give myself a couple of minutes and come back fresh. There’s no sense in getting all worked up over a blog. A Vlog, maybe, that definitely reaches more people.

I wonder if people have made psych vlogs? That would be cool because I could talk directly to my audience and when I need to make a visual impact, I could just cut to an image and then back to me. That would increase my visibility on the internet and how many people have made it just by posting nonsense on that site that hosts everyone’s videos, no matter how inane or offensive. Nah, I’d have to buy a better cam for my comp. Oh, listen to me, talking like a 14 year old. Who says that, anyway? “comp”?

Ok, remember how to do this – just start writing and it will come. Let’s get to the page to log in and… why is it taking so long to load? Oh man, I need a new computer, this thing is more than 5 years old… oh, wait…. none of my web sites are working? The internet is down?! Well, isn’t that just perfect. Now I certainly can’t write! What a pain.

And I was just getting warmed up…

2 thoughts on “Avoi-dance

  1. As a fellow contributor to this site I can definitely empathize with the dilemma about deciding how and how much to contribute to the blog. It’s fun to contribute though, and good to have a growing number of voices participating.

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