The Intimacy of Personal Space

I always had my own room as a kid. I was pretty lucky in that way that I didn’t have to share it with a sibling as some people did. It was really nice to have a place in my house that I could really call my own and that I had a lot of control over. The rest of the house was definitely my family’s house and the spaces were shared with other people and others dictated the rules surrounding it but in my room I was in charge. Well, as long as I kept it clean enough that my parents didn’t have to step in that is.

As I grew up, this space became an extension of my own identity. I organized it the way I wanted, I decorated it with pictures and posters and my favorite things.  It was a place where I could retreat if I wanted to be alone, a place I could go with friends where we wouldn’t be interrupted. I place that I could share with whomever I wanted and keep away from those I didn’t.

This pattern continued, as I got older and moved out of my parents home. Now the house was an apartment and was shared with roommates and friends instead of family but my room was still my own. I could decorate it as I liked without having to negotiate with others and people only came in if I wanted them to. It was still my place, where I could be me and no one could tell me different. Continue reading

Weighting on the World to Change

What’s the point? Seriously, if no one is going to read this… okay, if 3 people are going to read this then why bother? Do I really care about having the teeniest, tiniest impact on 3 people? And to bother taking time out of my oh-so-busy schedule to sit down, think up a brilliant idea for this space, set aside those precious hours it takes to finely craft a piece of literature that will, in essence do nothing to forward the development of human kind? I mean seriously, what do I hope to gain out of doing this?

Wow, that’s a big statement – forward the development of human kind. To be perfectly honest, can anything really forwardly develop that? Did computers? Now, instead of writing a letter or calling someone to hear their voice, we send off a quick “hey, thought you might like this” email with a link on it. Or if we’re really lucky, we get an e-card (remember those? I think I got 3 of them). We don’t have to leave our seats to get cutting edge entertainment or education that was once limited to those only capable of travel.  So has the computer furthered our development as a species? People are still Nazi’s – and I’m not just singling out Nazi’s because I’m Jewish – but knowing more about their neighbour hasn’t really helped them change or develop.

That’s pretty much the largest impact anything’s had on my generation.  If the computer couldn’t do it, how am I supposed to? Continue reading


Ok, another week has come and I’m a blogger now… wow. I need to wrap my head around that. And I really want to contribute regularly. How do I define regularly? At least once a week. Wait, let me think about that for a second… do I really have THAT much to say to people that I want to contribute AT LEAST once a week? Ok, better make that AT MOST, once a week. Yeah, that way, I’m not setting myself up for failure, something I can be quite good at.

Right, so I need another column… right… to tell you the truth, that first column was pretty good… My editor said that I’ve attracted new people to the site and now… well… Continue reading