The Measure of a Man

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I am sitting in a class called behavioural assessment. The professor expounds. They want me to believe that I am the sum of the vectors around me. They want me to believe that I am the result of conditions, conditioning. They want me to be my behavior, and nothing more. This to me, is an unacceptable condition. We are not just Pavlovian dogs that drool at meat, we are more than just apes with a big craniums. I sense that at the root of it lies the struggle for culture, for something deeper.

We struggle to deal with the responsibility of developing our talents. Believing that we have it, because others won’t until you do. Getting past the point where you feel like it’s a car that sometimes won’t start. Trying to accept the fear that comes with setting goals. Trying to struggle to deal with limitations, to deal with the patience that it takes to sculpt the rawness of intent into form and substance. To wake up from your dreams and try to make them real, and not to feel them slip through your fingers. To give birth to your potential, to nurture it and feed it. To cut your fingernails and take out the trash in between it all. To get off the couch of your own mind and put paper to pen, either literally, metaphorically. To understand what the meta is for. Continue reading

Looking Backwords, Facing Forwards

With January half-way gone and the celebration of December 31st a distant memory, It’s probably a bit late to be writing about New Years but, since one of my resolutions this year was to be a more active contributor to this blog, I hope you will forgive me for it.

New Years Resolutions used to be a big part of my New Year ritual. In fact, resolutions used to be an important ritual for me at many different ‘new beginning’ moments throughout the year. In addition to the beginning of the calendar year, there was the beginning of the Jewish calendar, the beginning of the school year, the beginning of a new term. With each of these new beginnings I would set out a set of resolutions to motivate me and try and set some goals to work towards over the next little while until the next set of resolutions come along. I think there’s a lot that is great about new years resolutions and even though I don’t use them anywhere near as much as I used to I totally understand why many people use them. That being said my goal today is not to talk about new years resolutions but rather to present an alternative use of reoccurring milestones like New Years. Continue reading

Fuming Recognition

Half an hour. She said she would be here half an hour ago and she’s not here… I’m going to call her, this is ridiculous… No answer. So she’s on her way? She better be… we’re going to be late as it is. Is my time worthless to her? Do I have nothing better to do than sit around and wait for her? I should have taken the bus; I would have been there by now. How completely obnoxious of someone to keep me waiting and not have the decency to call or, heaven forbid actually be here at the time we both agreed on.

Wow, am I fired up. I am so upset right now. I can feel my face begin to fume. My heartbeat’s increased and I feel like I want to break something. When she gets here, I am so going to let her have it. I’m going to tell her once and for all that this business of keeping me waiting has got to stop or else. In fact, I will never ask her to pick me up again, it’s obvious she doesn’t care anyway. Oh man, I am so pissed! Continue reading

2010 in Review

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